Given the high demand for the Santin Bot™, we have ultimately chosen to use a simpler system to connect our bot to your accounts using the “Axi Copy Trading” app. This is Axi’s official app that allows you to copy our account operations onto yours.

In this scenario, it’s as if you have our bot directly on your account, with the advantage of being able to change settings in a very intuitive way (which we’ll explain later), simplifying this setup phase.

Here are the steps to follow.

PREREQUISITES If you’ve made it this far, it means you’ve made your first deposit with the broker. If you haven’t done it yet, click here or contact support if you encounter any problems. Now, you just need to follow these steps one by one to activate the Santin Bot and invest in a fully automatic way!



Download the “Axi Copy Trading” app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Click on the button above or search directly from the App Store or Play Store.


Open the app and create a new account by clicking on “Don’t have an account? Create one now.”


Enter the MT4 credentials you received via email when you signed up with the Axi Broker (You should find them in the email under the red section of the email body that reads: “Your MetaTrader 4 Login Details”).

The details are: “Select a server” which in the email corresponds to “Server (Desktop or Mobile, whichever you find)”, “Account Number” which in the email corresponds to “Login”, and finally “Password”.

Click on “done” and then in the following screen select “Copy Trades”.


In the “Discover” section (marked by a magnifying glass), paste the secret code you find in your “Kajabi” account into the top search bar (details further below).


To connect our bot to your account, simply press the “Copy” button.


After pressing copy, you can choose the risk management by selecting it from the “trade size” option.

The types of management are as follows:

  • Fixed size: opens all trades with the same fixed size chosen by you (not recommended for our strategy).
    To start copying trades automatically, just press “Copy”.
  • Mirror Master Size: opens with the exact same lot size used by us, multiplied by the value set on “proportion”.
  • Proportional to capital: opens in proportion to the lot size we use.

We recommend using the Mirror Master Size, set to a value of 0.2 until the account has double the initial funds. After that, you can increase it to 0.5 or even up to 1.0, which is the same size as ours.

If you wish to increase the risk, just raise the multiplier. For instance, setting it to 2.0 doubles the potential profits but also the potential losses, setting it to 3.0 triples the profits but also the potential losses, and so on.

N.B. It’s not about 1, 2, or 3 lots, but rather a multiplier.


Click on “Agree and Copy” and enjoy the Santin Bot™ directly on your trading account.

This information has been added to your Kajabi account. Additional useful materials may be added shortly and in the future.


On this platform, which we use to upload all the courses for the Santin Academy, you can find the section related to the Santin Bot™ with more information about the setup. If you chose the Business or First Class, you’ll also have explanatory videos.

If you’ve never accessed your Kajabi account, login details have been sent to you via email.

If you can’t find the email with the login details, CLICK HERE and then click on “Forgot Password”. A new email will be sent to you with the necessary details to reset your password and log in.


You have the opportunity to sell access to our Santin Bot™ directly from your personal dashboard!

To do so, CLICK HERE to access your private Santin Academy area, then click on “Request your referral code for this course”. As soon as you’re approved, you’ll be able to use your personal affiliate link to sell access to the strategy, earning up to 50% of the sales you make!

The link will always be available from your private area.


Access the support portal for both members and non-members of the Andrey Santin Academy by clicking on “contact us” below.

1. Scarica MT4 (MetaTrader 4) dall'App Store o Google Play
2. Entra con le credenziali MT4 che sono le stesse che hai messo nell’App Axi Copy Trading
3. Personalizza intervallo di visualizzazione e metti indietro di un anno fino ad oggi
4. Scorri indietro nel passato le operazioni e vedrai il tuo deposito iniziale e la prima operazione del bot
5. Cliccaci sopra per mostrare codice identificativo e orario di chiusura
6. Fai lo screen della schermata (esempio qui sotto)